Andrew Tomayer Endorsement

"First, this is an endorsement of my own and does not represent the views of the Ottawa South GPO CA members. 

As well, we have many great candidates who want to fight for a better Canada. Regardless of the results and whoever becomes leader of the GPC, Glen included, they will all make amazing MPs for the party.

Now here’s my endorsement.

We need to move forward as a party and as a country, together. We need more people thinking about us as a serious party. Most importantly, we need to win seats to enact our vision across Canada.

Glen sees our great policies to improve the country now and for future generations and wants to use his experience as an impactful politician, winning many past elections of his own, to lead the Green Party of Canada to a better election result so we can have a real effective government in Canada.

As a member of the LGBT+ community and as someone with experience living in many major multicultural cities across Canada, Glen understands the importance of addressing diversity and inclusion within our party and across our great country too.

He also knows how to pass effective legislation in his time as a mayor of Winnipeg and as an Ontario MPP, working collaboratively with others well.

This is why I’m endorsing Glen Murray as your next leader of the Green Party of Canada."

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