Building a Big Tent

A Big Tent Means Welcoming Labour and Hard Working Canadians

We're saddened to hear Dimitri describe one of Canada's leading labour leaders as someone who should be "dispensed" with. Jerry Dias, president of Unifor leads 315,000 working Canadians. He is at the forefront of the fight for workers' rights, equality and social justice. And Greens knows there is a critical intersection between the environment, the economy and equality. Let's keep the door open to labour.

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A Big Tent Means Being Open for Discussion

Glen has a long and deep history bringing people together to think, plan and deliver amazing projects that improve people's lives, grow a community, develop smart cities and take care of the environment. In keeping with that, Glen is sharing a series of Discussion Briefs for your input on everything from ending poverty to how to get more Greens elected. Check it out! They are open for discussion.

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A Big Tent Means Welcoming All Canadians

Glen's proud to have former Tories, former Liberals and former NDP men and women working on his campaign. They are people who know that their parties have failed to make a dent in climate change. More and more Canadians - of all stripes are turning to Glen and the Green Party to take the lead and making the connection between the environment, the economy and equality. Let's welcome them.

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