Adriane Carr supports Glen Murray

Adriane Carr

"He's electable. He's won 8 elections. I lost 7 before I finnaly won my 8th and know how hard it is to be elected?

He knows how government works and how to make change happen having been a city Councillor and Mayor in Winnipeg, and an MPP and Cabinet Minister in Ontario. That lived experience is invaluable.

The issues that drive him are the same as mine and critical for the future of my city and country, my planet and the future of my children and grandchildren." – Adriane Carr

Frank de Jong

"I joined the Greens to make sure voters had the option to elect representatives who looked at the big picture, who were inclusive and forward thinking. Glen Murray will make an excellent next leader of the Green Party of Canada." – Frank de Jong

Heather Manly

"Glen Murray is the best candidate to work alongside Elizabeth May, Paul Manly, and Jenica Atwin. As an Indigenous woman specializing in Aboriginal law in the legal profession, I know that Glen’s career is grounded in partnerships with Indigenous peoples. With his track record on the environment and his history of winning, Glen should lead the party." – Heather Manly