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The Glen Murray Program to End Poverty Now: Highlights

  • The Program to End Poverty Now, advanced by Glen Murray, leadership candidate for the Green Party of Canada, refocuses more than $87 billion in existing federal tax provisions to raise millions of Canadians above the Low-Income Measure of poverty.


  • The Program focuses on Essential Workers, Families with Children, Students, Seniors, and Persons with Disabilities.


  • The Program creates a fairer and more progressive federal tax system delivering almost $64 billion in savings and new benefits, and increases existing federal programs by more than $30 billion.


  • The Program allows for rapid and substantial change without revisiting existing federal and provincial programs or agreements.


  • The Program invites provincial and territorial partners to refocus regular social assistance on skills development and transition to employment with more than $2.2 billion in new federal support.


  • The Program will increase provincial and territorial revenues by almost $18 billion allowing partner governments to both end poverty and build a better post-COVID society.


  • Increasing the tax rate on Canadian banks to the same level as in the US, and modest new taxes on those with incomes in excess of $250,000, ensures the Program is implemented without increasing the federal deficit.


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  • Doug Fletcher
    commented 2020-09-21 22:39:50 -0500
    +1 to Menno Bak’s comment: Accounting language is inappropriate for describing how government funding works, and Stephanie Kelton’s book lays this out really well. Follow her on twitter—she put a thread together today (Monday Sept 21) that outlines the very basics. We have been duped by neoclassical economists into thinking that monetary policy is the only tool in the toolbox.

    This goes to the heart of income support as well. We absolutely NEED a universal income in Canada to avoid re-creating the conditions that led to the Great Depression in the 30’s—insufficient national income to purchase the goods and services produced by the economy (see Jeremy Rifken’s The End of Work). There simply is not enough job opportunity to employ everyone who wants/needs to work—we need #UBI.
  • Menno Baks
    commented 2020-09-13 18:50:10 -0500
    Glen I like your vision just need to comment on the same mistake the greens did at the last fed. Election trying to cost everything no need at federal level municipal and provincial yes. Read the deficit myth by Stephanie Kelton (MMT) Trudeau just used the same with saving the economy with Covid19.