Glen Murray endorsed by former Ontario Environment Commissioner

Gord Miller backs Murray in race for Green Party leadership

TORONTO – Glen Murray, the former Ontario cabinet minister and Mayor of Winnipeg, was endorsed today by Gord Miller, a former Ontario Environment Commissioner.

“Glen Murray is an excellent and experienced choice for Leader of the Green Party of Canada. Glen is unwavering in applying his passion and drive towards creating a more sustainable society, one that protects both people and the natural ecological fabric of our land,” said Miller, who previously ran for the Green Party in Guelph.

“As Winnipeg’s mayor and minister in the Ontario government, he demonstrated a natural aptitude for devising and deploying innovative public policies. We need his practical knowledge to help lead Canada toward a workable and newly structured green economy,” he said

“Glen is an inclusive leader. He has the skills and personality to create a strong, relevant and cohesive national Green Party. He can effectively position the Green Party on the national political stage,” Miller concluded.

Murray was also previously endorsed by former Leader of the Green Party of Ontario, Frank DeJong, and former Deputy Leader Peter Elgie.

“I joined the Greens to make sure voters had the option to elect representatives who looked at the big picture, who were inclusive and forward thinking. Glen Murray will make an excellent next leader of the Green Party of Canada,” said DeJong.

Elgie, who also served as Green Party national campaign co-chair, said, “I wholly believe Glen is the best person to be our next leader. His comprehensive political experience at the municipal level as the respected mayor of a capital city and at the provincial level as a responsible cabinet minister in multiple portfolios makes him ready to govern.”

Glen Murray, born and raised in Montreal, served as a senior cabinet minister in Ontario, pioneering leading environmental and climate change policies and representing Canada on the world stage. He made history as the first openly gay mayor of a major North American city and has worked in a wide variety of roles in business, nonprofit and academic leadership in Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg.

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