Ida Albo Endorsement

"I have known Glen Murray for 26 years, first as Winnipeg's dynamic and enterprising city councillor, and later, as the city's most forward-thinking, progressive, and openly gay mayor. I have worked with Glen on many projects and he is without parallel the finest municipal and provincial politician in recent history. In addition to spearheading the Pan-American Games and C5 Summit, Glen worked closely with Aboriginal communities, focused on affordable housing, and was pivotal in making Winnipeg a worldwide destination with the foundation of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. He was instrumental in helping my partners and I save the Fort Garry Hotel, a treasured national landmark. If it was not for Glen, Winnipeg would not have Waterfront Drive, the pedestrian bridge, a downtown arena, or the return of our much-beloved Winnipeg Jets. Glen led the charge in the development of three highly prized urban destination areas, including the Plaza Skate Park, Central Park, and the Variety Accessible playground. Simply put, Glen is one of a kind. He can seamlessly cross between being an astute politician and a business leader, an enterprising entrepreneur and a non-profit pioneer. Glen is charismatic, persuasive, inspiring, and most of all he will be brilliant on the national stage as the best possible leader of the Green Party."