Murray on issues of fairness and equity in GPC leadership contest

For Immediate Release Wednesday, June 17, 2020 – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Today, leadership candidate Glen Murray asks the Green Party of Canada to create an Equity Fund to help improve fairness in the Green Party leadership contest and to support diversity goals in the party.

To date, Elizabeth May has openly campaigned for one and only one candidate, based on the rationale of supporting greater equity in the party.

While speaking to Greens across the country night after night in virtual townhalls and in one-on-one conversations from coast-to-coast, the inequity of the May’s equity plan comes up over and over, Murray said from Winnipeg today. May’s actions have become a controversy and source of concern when there are other core issues in the party, in the country and in the environment, that should be our focus, Murray said.

Murray tabled a five-point plan on how to begin to improve fairness in the party and participation of women, visible minorities, those with disabilities, Indigenous people, and LGBTQ individuals in the Green Party.

“Greens keep asking me what will I do to improve governance and oversight if I were leader,” Murray said.

Murray’s first response today is to release a five-point plan on next steps and is inviting Green members and other candidates to provide feedback and share ideas they may have. He’s recommending:

  1. On-going meetings of all 10 candidates or their representatives with the Leadership Contest Committee of the Green Party of Canada to review candidates concerns and to achieve a consensus on how to move forward.

  2. The party and candidates agree upon definition of "equity-seeking groups" for the purpose of eligibility for an Equity Fund, consistent with established definition such as those at the City of Toronto and the Canadian Arts Council.

  3. The Equity Fund would hold a percentage of all money raised by candidates and any money raised by the party for the leadership race, to be redistributed to equity-seeking candidates whose fundraising results are below the mean average of the candidates.

  4. The immediate appointment of an impartial fairness referee to provide outside advice and review submissions and complaints made to the party. The referee would make the recommendations public and forward those recommendations to the Leadership Contest Committee of the Green Party of Canada.

  5. No Green party official, members of caucus, or federal council member shall raise money nor campaign actively for any candidate. They may, however, campaign and raise money for the equity fund, in fact they are encouraged to do so.

“I came to this campaign to use my years of experience to help Greens. Let’s focus on the most important issues – getting Greens positioned to win, improving our country, our climate and our economy for our children and grandchildren,” Murray said.

Murray applauds candidate Amita Kuttner who said today, “Rather than addressing systemic gaps and disadvantages for marginalized people, we feel the party has created confusion between leadership campaigns, with marginalized and minoritized people, and the membership. What we have seen so far is simply not enough."

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